The Insurance Process

How to file a roof claim and what to expect

Request a licensed adjuster inspect the property

Contact your insurance company and request an adjuster visit the property to view damage and provide a detailed claim.

Document damage with photos and date

Inspect your property for any damage and document with photos and details prior to major cleanup. Our free inspections include a detailed report with photos if damage is found to save you a step.

Receive your claim and insurance payment

Once assessed your insurance company will provide a detailed letter, an estimate of damages, and full cost of replacement. An initial (sometimes partial) payment is released to begin work. Work should be completed within 1 year of receiving the first payment from insurance or your home may not qualify for future coverage.

Complete replacement from an insured contractor

The roof estimate you receive from a contractor should not exceed the total replacement cost from insurance unless you are adding upgrades or additional work. Note that your deductible is your financial responsibility and may not be waived or discounted in the state of Texas.